Software and Data for Structural Model Updating

Field dynamic testing on an as-built structure usually provides modal properties that are different from these generated by a finite element (FE) model. To update the FE model parameters, optimization problems can be formulated to minimize the difference between experimental and simulated modal properties. Various FE model parameters can be selected as optimization variables for model updating, such as the elastic moduli of structural members, as well as stiffness values of support springs.

This software package for FE model updating offers three model updating formulations, namely (1) the MAC (modal assurance criteria) value formulation, (2) the eigenvector difference formulation, and (3) the modal dynamic residual formulation. For each updating formulation, analytical Jacobian derivative of the objective function is implemented. To find the optimal solution of the formulated optimization problem, the package supports various optimization algorithms available in MATLAB optimization toolbox, such as the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, the trust-region-reflective algorithms, and the interior point method, and so on. Randomly generated starting values of the optimization variables can be adopted to increase the chance of finding global minimum of the optimization problem. Finally, the MATLAB code contains several structural examples to evaluate the model updating formulations and optimization algorithms.

MATLAB source code and data download: